Conscious Motivation

The Four Stages of Personal Evolution

Conscious Motivation
The Four Stages of Personal Evolution
I have accepted fear as part of life – specifically the fear of change. I have gone ahead despite the pounding in the heart that says: turn back.
— Erica Jong

Change is an inevitable part of life and fundamental part of our personal evolution.

Sometimes the change is voluntary: we choose to make it on our own. We might make a decision to change careers, start a business or relationship, become parents, or take up a new hobby.  

Other times, the change is involuntary: outside of our control. Think of job loss, relationships ending, or other external factors forcing us to change.  

Today, we will focus on the voluntary decision to make a change, step into the unknown, and pursue something outside of our current comfort zone.

These four phases of personal evolution will be key to our success in any new undertaking: The Decision, Fear, Transformation, & New State of Being. 

Stage 1: The Decision  

When we make a decision that leads us down the path of change, great enthusiasm usually follows.  

The decision could be to become a parent, take an elevated role at work, become proficient at a new hobby or language, or start a new business.  

Going into the decision, we typically do not realize how much work and effort it will take to achieve our ideal level of success. But this lack of knowledge is irrelevant because we have excitement for what the future will hold.

Stage 2: Fear  

This excitement quickly changes to fear when we recognize how steep the learning curve is for success.  

Adding to the fear is the lack of confidence we receive from our friends, family, and colleagues on the decision we intend to make.  

The fear stage is the most critical point of our personal evolution. As this is the phase where the majority of people give up on their goal, before they have even started.  

Some of them fear what will happen to them if they fail. Will people judge them and be permanently labeled as a failure? Lacking the wisdom that through failure we derive life’s greatest lessons.  

Others are just as fearful of what will happen if they succeed. Can they handle all the changes that will come if they are successful?  Failing to appreciate how the positive coming from their success would overshadow any negatives.  

We must accept that fear is just a stepping-stone on the journey to success.  

And the people that proceed forward, in spite of the fear, are the only ones achieve their desired goal.

Stage 3: Transformation 

In the corporate world, we always celebrated the small wins, because they were an indication that we were on the right path towards our larger goal.  

In the transformation stage of our personal evolution, every small win (positive review/feedback, a moment of discovery, etc.) makes us less fearful and more confident in our abilities.  

The small victories also bring us much needed boosts of enthusiasm, positive energy, to push on past challenges. 

Through the law of attraction, this positive energy helps to attract people and resources into our environment that excels our progress beyond expectations.

And this unexpected pace of development pushes us past a critical threshold, where we now feel more likely to succeed than fail.

Stage 4: New State of Being

The last stage of our personal evolution is when we consciously become the person we desired to be.    

The small successes have added up, and all of our actions now flow out naturally without thought or fear.

The evolution is complete. That is until the next decision is made to continue our personal growth and follow our enthusiasm into the unknown.  

Conclusion: Take Action  

True fulfillment in life comes by always pushing the limits of our potential.  

Remember that fear will be the greatest roadblock when entering the unknown in pursuit of our personal evolution.   

Do not turn back on your goals when you encounter fear; take action.   

Know that with each small step you take; fear loses its power over you.   

And the moment the fear is gone, all of your personal goals become attainable.