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Conscious Motivation

Conscious Motivation MISSION

We all have the potential to be great at something, although some of us are more conscious of it than others. This greatness is inherent to who we are; it is our divine right. But, when we have an idea that motivates us and that can help us arrive at our full potential, it often gets lost in the noise that is bouncing around in our minds.

These distractions are more significant than we realize because we suffer—whether we acknowledge it or not—when we are not progressing. I am sure you can relate to this when you reflect on your personal development, relationships, or careers.

Conscious Motivation was created to inspire others to heighten their consciousness in order to chase after their passions and dreams. We accomplish this by encouraging you to be conscious of the energy inhabiting your body, heart and mind.

Specifically, the key is to become mindful of the focus of your mind in every moment and to dwell in the present moment. You can focus on positive energy (love, compassion, happiness, humility, gratitude, and optimism) or focus on negative energy (fear, hate, sorrow, anger, insecurity, envy, gossip, and pessimism). We hope to encourage your development so that you focus on the positive.

About the Founder: Keenan Benjamin

After spending several years exploring different spiritual philosophies, Keenan Benjamin developed a better understanding of the negative energy that was keeping him from living a fulfilling life. Once his opponent was identified, his daily goal became to eliminate this negative energy, one piece at a time. Simply put, each day he strived to be a better version of himself.

Keenan recently left his successful career in financial services consulting, and moved to India to launch Conscious Motivation and support his wonderful partner—currently working with a well-known women’s rights organization in the country.

Although his journey has taken him far from anything he could have imagined for his life just a few years ago, Keenan now says that living his purpose feels like a dream.