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Thank You & 7 Facts About Conscious Motivation

Conscious Motivation
Thank You & 7 Facts About Conscious Motivation

Thank You

Today marks Conscious Motivation’s one-year anniversary.

Thank you very much for your support in this journey thus far. This is a meaningful milestone.

The goal has always been to inspire others to shed that which no longer served them—whether mental or physical—so that nothing could stand in the way of their dreams.

With readers spanning the globe, the reach has exceeded my expectations.

Your shares, comments, messages, and stories of the impact of Conscious Motivation content on your life have humbled me in ways you'll never know.

But you must know that I remember, and dearly appreciate, every one of your supportive acts.

I am excited about what is to come in Year 2, and am inspired to continue to serve you, such an amazing group of supporters, as we continue to rise!

7 Facts About Conscious Motivation

To commemorate this milestone, I would like to share seven facts about Conscious Motivation that you may not already know.

1) Photos: I have taken all of the photographs that you see on Conscious Motivation (website & Instagram) over the last five years.

2) "Writing" Process: Half of my blogs were "written" via voice memos in Notes on my iPhone.  I enjoy taking walks around the neighborhood and recording myself, while imagining that I am speaking about an important subject to a friend.

3) Social Media: My goal for each post has always been to impact just one person, and my happiness is unaltered whether I receive one like or 1,000,000 likes.

4) Global Reach: We now have readers in 86 countries and every continent except Antarctica.

5) Reader Contact: There are few things I enjoy more than receiving a comment, message, or call from a Conscious Motivation follower about the content.

6) Logo: I dreamed of a phoenix rising from inside of a head to represent the burning away of old frames of thought and the rising of consciousness. An amazing designer in Bulgaria won a global competition to create this logo.

7) Editor: My partner hears me speak about Conscious Motivation more than anyone else, and she often makes small tweaks that perfectly illustrate what I am attempting to communicate.