Conscious Motivation

7 Ways Meditation Will Change Your Life

Conscious Motivation
7 Ways Meditation Will Change Your Life

Since launching Conscious Motivation, we have received many heartwarming messages from people inspired to pursue their dreams but still fearful about making the jump.

Do not feel discouraged.  It took me several months to clear my mind of the thoughts that were not serving me, so that I could begin building the courage and will-power to believe that my dreams were possible.

The key to clearing our minds of self-limiting thoughts is meditation.  By continuously shining our light of awareness on those negative thoughts, we will be able to bring them out of the darkness. And, over time, they will fade away.

Whatever your goals in life may be, a daily meditation practice will make them more easily attainable.  Here is a short list of the benefits of meditation:

1)   Happiness:  Meditation increases oxytocin (the “love molecule”) in the body and enables us to feel more connected to everything and everyone around us.

2)   Anxiety & Stress:  Meditation decreases cortisol (the anxiety & stress hormone) in the body and thereby allows our nervous systems to relax.

3)   Communication: Meditation enables us to speak more fluidly and from the heart, without our ego’s self-conscious thoughts clouding our mind.

4)   Focus: Meditation brings focus by building our ability to concentrate and enabling us to give attention to our most important tasks.

5)   Productivity: Meditation increases our productivity by increasing our focus on the things that matter. 

6)   Sleep: Meditation brings better sleep by ridding us of the negative thoughts that follow us into bed.

7)   Intuition: Meditation makes us more intuitive by giving us the ability to be present in every moment and thereby attuned to the signs guiding us toward our divine purpose.