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10 Reasons You Could Use A Life Coach

Conscious Motivation
10 Reasons You Could Use A Life Coach
The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.
— Lao Tzu

Most people have either never heard of life coaching or lack a real understanding of the concept and value of a life coach.

But, those who have worked with a life coach will tell you that it is the best monetary investment that they make each month.

The value of a life coach can be quantified through its impact on career and professional development: accelerated promotion cycle, higher compensation, increased revenue, etc.

However, the value a life coach can help you produce in your personal development is priceless: increased self-love, inner peace, improved relationships, elevated self-confidence & willpower.

The clients of Conscious Motivation Coaching have experienced all of the above. 

Here are the ten reasons we believe that you should consider a life coach:

Personal Development

If you are feeling unhappy, stuck, or lost, a life coach can help you improve your self-awareness and self-knowledge, while also nurturing your talents to find your purpose and reach your potential.

1.  Building Self-Confidence: We spend a lot of time listening to the negative self-talk in our head that makes us devalue our potential and ourselves. A life coach will help you gain confidence by bringing your focus to your strengths and positive thoughts, instead of over-focusing on your weakness and negative thoughts.

2.  Increasing Willpower: Most of us have goals that we would like to achieve, but lack the willpower to overcome the paralyzing impacts of procrastination. A life coach helps hold you accountable so that you focus on the small steps needed to create lasting momentum.

Mindfulness Practice

What goes on inside of our minds directly impacts how we perceive things happening outside of us. A life coach can help you develop a mindfulness practice that will change your mind and change your life.

3.  We often walk around with our minds dominated by noise: excessive thinking and negative thoughts. A life coach will help you learn to quiet your mind, create inner peace, and be more present in each moment so that you can appreciate life.

Personal Relationships

People often fail to realize how much our personal relationships affect all aspects of our life. Negative relationships can leave us mentally strained and unable to focus on what is important. A life coach can be a lighthouse to guide us through the storm.

4.  Creating Accountability:  It is easy to give up on our goals and aspirations when we are the only ones focusing on them.  A life coach is there to hold you accountable for meeting your goals, even when others may be too busy to provide support and attention.

5.  Cultivating Self-Love: Many of us have made the mistake of searching for love in our romantic relationships before we have learned to love ourselves.  A life coach will help you identify the places in which you lack self-love and compassion, and give you the tools to cultivate these for yourself.

6.  Finding The Right Partner:  It is always significantly more challenging to get out of a relationship than it is to get into one.  A life coach can help ensure that you are going into a relationship for the right reasons and that this person meets the stated criteria of what you are looking for in your next partner.

7.  Finding Harmony With Partner & Family:  Our partners and family are those rare people that bring us the most love and the most pain we experience in our lives. A life coach can help us find harmony by teaching us how to accept people as they are and not as we want them to be, helping us develop communication strategies, and supporting us in determining when to take space to heal.

Career Development

Our careers take up at least 50% of our waking hours. A life coach helps you with the critical task of ensuring that you feel continual progress, are being compensated appropriately, and that the career is the best fit for your talents and abilities.

8.  Finding Purpose: Everyone has the potential to be great. However, many of us are in careers that do not align with our passions, which leaves us unmotivated and unfulfilled. A life coach will help you identify your strengths and passions so that you can create a transition plan to a life of more fulfillment.

9.  Playing The Game: One can never underestimate how critical mastering inter-office politics is for our career development. A life coach will ensure you identify and nurture the relationships that are pivotal for learning, shortening your promotion cycle, and increasing your compensation.

10.  Career Transition: Career changes are some of the most unexpected challenges we have to overcome in life. A life coach can help you determine when it is time to leave and how to bounce back strongly from unexpected career endings like lay-offs and firings.

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