Conscious Motivation

Materialism's Momentary Happiness

Conscious Motivation
Materialism's Momentary Happiness
Any so-called material thing that you want is merely a symbol: you want it not for itself, but because it will content your spirit for the moment.
— Mark Twain

We must accept that material things do not bring us real, lasting happiness. 

The happiness we receive from purchasing new things (clothes, cars, jewelry, electronics, apartments and houses) is really only a short-termed boost for our ego. There will always be somebody somewhere with something newer or better that causes our ego to feel inferior. 

This sense of inferiority causes us to suffer. And, that suffering can only be overcome by purchasing that which we desire. 

For example, how many of us have been super excited about purchasing the latest iPhone or Android phone, only to feel a sense of despair when a newer version comes out a year later? 

Or maybe we upgraded our living situation by moving into a new apartment or house. Then we go over to a friend or family member's place that is much nicer or bigger. All the sudden, we are no longer as excited about our new home. 

In the short-term, our purchase of the new phone or home brought us a great deal of happiness.  But less than a year later, we are either subconsciously (unknowingly) or consciously (knowingly) suffering because our ego desires the newer, nicer, or bigger version. 

With our happiness tied to owning new material objects, we must continue the cycle of purchasing more and more things to keep our ego satisfied by the short-term boosts in happiness. 

Breaking the Cycle of Materialism

This cycle of materialism either puts us in debt or in a place where we lack the financial freedom to pursue unexpected opportunities when they arise. 

If we loved ourselves, that love alone would be enough to keep us happy with what we had in the present moment. 

However, the present moment is never enough when we lack love and our lives are guided by our ego—not our heart.  

The ego is always looking into the future for more, even though the present moment we currently occupy was a future dream of the past. 

To break the cycle of materialism, we must learn to follow our heart.  

Our heart will help us determine the things we actually need, versus want.  Allowing us the financial freedom to pursue new experiences and opportunities that fill us with lasting love and happiness. 

In this state of being, we will no longer need to look outside of our self for happiness from material things.